Two Brooklyn based designers living in Copenhagen for the summer

Better late than never…some treats from the last leg of the trip. The architecture in Berlin and Koln was colorful, imaginative, and always unpredictable. As we readjust to New York City, we are endlessly searching for these qualities in our work and life. Onwards!

While in Berlin we visited the Holocaust Memorial. What a powerful experience to walk through the endless maze of block structures that represented the dead. At certain points we felt a sense of isolation followed by astonishment at the sheer scale. 

While in Copenhagen I stumbled on a concept store by a type foundry. Interesting idea, although sparse in terms of product. All in all I found the overall minimal aesthetic appealing.

A friend recommended we check out the Memorial to the Victims of Communism in Prague. We weren’t sure what to expect but were really blown away by the sculptures. Powerful and intense, beautifully executed and dramatically lit. Night is the best time to see the piece. 

Amsterdam pt 4: I visited the Stedelijk Museum and found some fascinating exhibitions. One used neon lighting to decorate the atrium, and another investigated Cuban poster design celebrating sugar cane harvests.

Amsterdam pt 3: Architecturally there are some interesting things happening in town.

Amsterdam pt 2: scenes from a north African restaurant that I visited for brunch.

I travelled to Amsterdam a couple weeks ago, and it left quite an impression on me. The architecture, street art, graphic design, and overall energy of the city felt fresh and alive. Here are some shots I took while cycling around town.

Another look at some of Copenhagen’s diverse architecture.

Pedestrian customized street sign

Pedestrian customized street sign

Shepard Fairey doing his thing in CPH. 

Riding around Copenhagen one will stumble upon an occasional mural painted on the side of a building, typically using the full facade as a canvas.

A colorful block in Copenhagen.

Designing a Danish inspired chair in 8 weeks 

Step 4: Take your curves off the mold, sand. Drill dowel holes in all parts. Start assembling in sections (with the help of experienced craftsmen). Clamp whole chair together. Create leather template from tracing paper. Sand entire chair then sand it some more. Soap and sand some more. Cut and stitch leather. Attach leather to your frame.